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ISUZU FTS33H-01 Trucks with UNIC URV503-1 Cranes, Filters

ISUZU FTS Trucks with UNIC cranes have long been an accomplishment in my organization which happens to be the largest integrated Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Company in Pakistan. Truck cranes are preferably used for transportation of Welding Machines and Welding Fittings for Fabrication Teams working on valve assemblies. These are also used to move construction equipment like Air Compressors and Testing Pumps on air soap testing and hydrostatic testing sites. One needs only a single Truck Mounted Crane for laying a whole Distribution Main where it serves the purpose of a stringing, lowering, towing, testing and transport equipment. I have heard of Truck Crane operators charging fees for removal of accidented vehicles from roads. On one such occasion our operator was wedged with Talibans who held him on gunpoint in Darra Adam Khel and were insistent to remove their loaded truck which overturned into a ravine on Peshawar side of Kohat Tunnel. He received their thrashing when during the efforts his crane ruptured. That was a difficult night when I rescued him with the help of Frontier Constabulary troops who too were reluctant to go in the troubled area despite being armed.

Anyhow, these trucks are faithful machines and I have never seen them failing particularly their cranes. May be the secret lies in the appointment process of their operators during which the aspirant has to pass through a number of tests for showing his loyalty to the workshop supervisor, called a foreman or hajji sahib in most of the cases who usually serves the purpose of an information hub in construction spreads for the overall incharge. The successful operator then never gives others the opportunity to let this machine go and thus secures the position of a Primemover operator by doing so.

Given below is a list of filters required for 12 such machines over a year.

Chassis. No.: JALFTS 33H67000270, 273
Engine Sr. No.: 6HH1-418912, 6HHI-418860
Crane Model: UNIC URV503-1
Crane Sr. No.: F-522840, 45

Sr. #DescriptionPart No.REQ. for 1 YR fir 12 M/Cs.QTY. REQ. for M/C.Units
aELEMENT; FUEL FILTER8-94394-079-11001NOS.

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