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The intent of this site’s administration is to offer professionals of the heavy equipment industry a forum and a comfortable enjoyable environment in which to exchange ideas, questions, answers and comments regarding heavy equipment and related topics. Anyone involved in any aspect of the heavy equipment industry, be it a company owner, owner/operator, operator, repair technician, safety officer, training officer, etc., is encouraged to register and participate.

Construction Machinery for Sale
Get the best Construction Equipments, Aggregate Equipment, Air Compressor, Crawler, Dozer, Excavator, Forklift, Forestry Equipments for sale at Machinery Super Hub. 

Construction Equipment Blog | CELOG
Construction Equipment Blog | CELOG  brings together the construction equipment industry’s news.  With over 100+ years of experience in this industry and leveraging a team that works in Europe, China, US, and South America we believe we will challenge other traditional media outlets coverage.
If you have ideas and want to see more functionality on this site.  Please let us know.  Email us at info (at) construcitonequip (dot) net
Note: In the coming months we will be testing new manufacturers equipment getting into this industry. If you would like a write up please let us know.

Construction Equipment is all around us and at one time there was Doepke who helped every kid feel like they were building  great infrastructure systems. is the premier site for info on Construction Equipment. We strive to give you the best information on Construction News and Construction Equipment for free. is also a community focused on Construction Machinery. We have profiles, forums and more. Join up today get tons of free information.

The World Trucks Blog

We at the 4x4 Offroaders Club of Karachi are an eclectic collection of friends and their families who love the outdoors and, of course, four wheeling.
For more information about the club, read this newspaper article about the 4x4 Offroaders Club Karachi.

NAHETS Video Catalog Blog
Video Catalog of Heavy Equipment and Construction Content. Produced by NAHETS.

Construction Machine Blog
I am a architect and very interesting in studying all kinds of construction machines in my part time. This is my first blog about construction machine.In  this  Construction Machine Blog, I will show you the professional technical  artiles, news and interesting things about construction machine. Welcome to this freedom blog to talk everything related to construction machine with me.

National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools

Traveller Dave

Vintage and Classic Commercial Vehicles in Europe

Cranes Today
The independent magazine of the crane industry