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TESMEC 1150XHD Chainsaw Trencher in Pakistan

Being a Mechanical Engineer it was my honour to see a Chainsaw Type Trencher (probably) the First one in Pakistan.
This machine is currently being operated in a MEGA real estate development project situated on the Super Highway near Karachi. The vicinity is having a lot of Sandstone and Limestone formations. FECTO and LUCKY Cement are capitalizing the said resource of nature.

Caterpillar D9R Track Type Tractor, Filters

Required for: CAT DOZER D9R Machine Model No. D9RMachine Sr. No. 8BL00948Machine Arr. No. 1266868Engine Model: CAT 3408V-T

Engine Sr. No. 48W40838Engine Arr. No. 1171827


#. Description Standard Efficiency Part #. Advance Efficiency Part #. Ultra High Efficiency Part #. Consumption per year for 1 M/C. Units 1Group of Filters consisting of:-aELEMENT AS-COOLANT CONDITIONER9N6123 bELEMENT AS-FUEL FILTER9M2341 50

Caterpillar D7H Track Type Tractor, Essential Spares for Transmission, Steering, Undercarriage and Sealing Rings for Valve GP & Torque Converter

D7H TRACK TYPE TRACTORMachine Sr. No.: 79Z04210Machine Arrg. No.: 8E2098Engine Model : CAT3306 DI Engine Sr. No.: 08Z62058Engine Arr. No.: 7N2740Transmission Sr. No.: 3NB02605Transmission Arr. No.: 8P8973

Sr. #Description Part No. Qty. Req. for 3 M/Cs 1Group of Spares for Transmission System consisting of:aDISC - FRICTION6Y5911 15 bPLATE CLUTCH8P2051 18 c