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Simplifying Rear Axle Ratio of Semis / Trucks / Primemovers

5.7:1 means
5.7 turns of Drive Shaft for a turn of Rear Axle
higher the value (ratio, 6.01) higher the torque, lower the fuel economy, engine has to work harder on higher vehicle speeds.
lower the value (ratio, 4.33) lower the torque, higher the fuel economy, engine remains at ease on higher vehicle speeds.

HINO 6x4 Dumper (EK 100), Parts List covering complete overhauling of the said machine

HINO DUMPER TRUCK 6X4Engine Model: EK 100Engine Serial No: 304633Machine Model: FS271 KD
Chassis No: FS271-12873P.S. Code No. KD-ES

Sr. #Description Part Nos. Qty. req. for ONE machine Units 1Group of Spares Required for Engine Overhauling consisting ofaLINER; CYLINDER11467-19106NOS.bGASKET; CYLINDER LINER11471-140012NOS.cGASKET; CYLINDER LINER11471-15006