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Simplifying Rear Axle Ratio of Semis / Trucks / Primemovers

5.7:1 means
5.7 turns of Drive Shaft for a turn of Rear Axle
higher the value (ratio, 6.01) higher the torque, lower the fuel economy, engine has to work harder on higher vehicle speeds.
lower the value (ratio, 4.33) lower the torque, higher the fuel economy, engine remains at ease on higher vehicle speeds.

Mercedes Actros 3831, Repair Kit Shift Mechanism

Parts Detail for MB Actros 6x4 PrimeMover 3831 [Chassis No: WDB9541612K754820]
Caller ID Description Part No. Qty. Req. for 1 Truck GEAR SHIFT 83 Repair Kit, Shift Mechanism (Gear) A0002604998 1

Mercedes Actros 3831, Air Compressor Parts

Parts Detail for MB Actros 6x4 PrimeMover 3831
[Chassis No: WDB9541612K754820]

AIR COMPRESSOR Caller ID Description Part No. Qty. Req. for 1 Truck 41 Air Compressor Cylinder Head A5411311119 1 32 Air Compressor Cylinder Liner A5411300008 1 56 Air Compressor Valve A5411300620 1 176 Air Compressor Gasket A5411310780 1 29 Air Compressor Connecting Rod A5411310117 1 26 Air Compressor Seal Ring A9069971245 1 68 Air Compressor Screw A5419900504 4 92 Air Compressor Screw Plug A0009973532 1 <

Mercedes Actros 3831, Lights

Lighting Unit, Halogen (Front Left) A9418204161
Lighting Unit, Halogen (Front Right) A9418204261

Blinker Lamp (Front Left)
Blinker Lamp (Front Right)

Mercedes Actros 3831, Hydraulic Gearshift System

Mercedes employs the proficiency of Kongsberg Automotive in making Hydraulic Gear Shift Systems to translate the prowess of its Actros 3831 6x4 Primemover’s OM501LA engine into work.

Kongsberg Automotive's Gearshift Systems
 Shift Mechanism (Sender Unit)

Handle (Shift Lever Handle)

Switch (Shift Lever Handle)

Shifting Cylinder (Gear Cylinder)


Shifting Cylinder (Gate Cylinder)

Mercedes Actros 3831, a comprehensive reference guide

Part No. Details for MB Actros 6x4 PrimeMover 3831

[Chassis No: WDB9541612K754820]

Caller IDDescriptionPart No.Qty. Req. for 1 TruckGEAR SHIFT83Repair Kit, Shift Mechanism (Gear)A0002604998180Shift Mechanism (Sender Unit)A0002604098120Switch (Shift Lever Handle)A9415400545130Handle (Shift Lever Handle)A62026000401516 or 513Shifting Cylinder (Gear Cylinder)A00126034631513 or 516Shifting Cylinder (Gate Cylinder)A00226006631AIR COMPRESSOR41Air Compressor Cylinder HeadA5411311119132Air Compressor Cylinder LinerA5411300008156Air Compressor ValveA54113006201176Air Compressor GasketA5411310780129Air Compressor Connecting RodA5411310117126Air Compressor Seal RingA9069971245168Air Compressor ScrewA5419900504492Air Compressor Screw PlugA0009973532194Air Compressor Seal RingN000000001073

Atlas Copco XRHS 485 Md, Engine Overhauling

Air Compressors play an integral role in all the construction fields especially the one in which I have remained involved for quite a sometime, i.e., Construction of High Pressure Natural Gas Pipelines. Air Compressors with a capacity of more or equal to 1000 cfm are used primarily for Air Pigging to clean out built pipelines to insure smooth efficient and clean flow of natural gas to the end user before final commissioning. In the recent years I had an option to get my hands on Atlas Copco's XRHS 385 and XRVS 466 machines both powered by Mercedes-Benz Engines. Recently I got posted in the Central Maintenance Hub of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines located on 38 km Multan Road near Manga Mandi where I have been given the task of overhauling two of the XRHS 485 Md air compressors which could not bear the brunt of harsh field conditions and are out of order right now. Following is the information I came across in the process of indenting spares for these maintenance starved machines. The