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Simplifying Rear Axle Ratio of Semis / Trucks / Primemovers

5.7:1 means
5.7 turns of Drive Shaft for a turn of Rear Axle
higher the value (ratio, 6.01) higher the torque, lower the fuel economy, engine has to work harder on higher vehicle speeds.
lower the value (ratio, 4.33) lower the torque, higher the fuel economy, engine remains at ease on higher vehicle speeds.

Volvo F10, 6x4 Primemover, Parts List (for Engine Overhauling)

Required For VOLVO PRIME MOVERS F10 6x4 Engine Sr. No.: 254983 Chassis No.:     YV2H2B3D6PA381855
Sr. No. Description Part No. 
Catalogue Superseded Part No. 
from VPL Recommended 
Qty. for 
4 Primemovers 1 CYLINDER LINER KIT 275636-9 275636 24 KITS 2 GASKET KIT (CYLINDER HEAD) 270789-1 270789 24 KITS

OEM substitutes of frequently used Suspension / Brake Valves for Volvo FL-10 and Volvo F-10 6x4 Primemovers

Sr. #OEM / Superseded (if) Part Nos.DescriptionVolvo Part Nos.Machine1WABCO 037
4613150420Foot Brake Valve1613328FL-102WABCO. 037
9347020470Protecting Valve 1613652 FL-103WABCO 001
4757101210Load Sensing ValveFL-104DPM 40CA 10114
KNORR BREMSEParking Brake valve81578645KNORR BREMSE
08211 221Control Valve1607887FL-1069716363Over Flow Valve1611185FL-107VOLVO 08/27
1189396Regulator (Air Compressor)3944251 FL-108VOLVO
8172627Inhibitor Valve8172627FL-1092417413046Overfl

Volvo F10, 6x4 Primemover, Parts Lists (Brake, Clutch, Gear, Suspension System)

Required ForVOLVO PRIME MOVERS F10 6x4Engine Sr. No.: 254983Chassis No.: YV2H2B3D6PA381855 Group of Spares for Brake System consisting ofQty. Req. for ONE MachineaREPAIR KIT BRAKE ADJUSTING DEVICE (HG)2729083NOS.-bREPAIR KIT BRAKE ADJUSTING DEVICE (VG)2729093NOS.-cCROSS SHAFT272910-16NOS.-dCOVER1696449-612NOS.-ePARKING BRAKE VALVE1593864-02NOS.-fBLOCKING VALVE1580024-62NOS.-gREGULATOR1607889-11